What if Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Would have Become an Engineer??

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The Engineer?

Can You imagine, just for a minute,  a life where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Engineer instead of the world re-knowned Musical Genius that we all know him for today?

What would a world like that look like?

That is the subject of today’s post.

Yep, it has nothing to do with Fitness.. but I will get there soon enough.. keep reading…

So I started to write what was going to be an extensively long Facebook Update and I decided, DUH, why Not Make this a blog post instead.. so here it is…

I usually start my morning with a Cup of Coffee and Some Personal Development by searching the internet for some quotes or ideas that inspire me…

Where the ‘average joe’ wakes up to Negative Programming and plopping himself on the couch, for his morning dose of  Doom and Gloom Programming, otherwise called, the ‘News’…

I stopped doing that nonsense long ago when I realized that I would walk into my day in a state of anxiety and fear.

(Garbage in, Garbage out.. that is TRUTH)

So, this particular morning, I was looking for something that spoke to, doing something you love for a living, rather than just doing something for the money so you can pay the bills and I stumbled into a Forum where people were discussing the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Ironically enough,  I have not read the book yet, but have heard enough about it to understand the principles.

As a side note, I just started a 12 Week Mentorship with a Personal Development, Leadership Trainer and the reading list is about 8 books long, but I think I will be getting the Slight Edge book on AUDIO.. but I digress…

I ended up inside the Forum to read some of people’s favorite quotes on the Slight edge.

As I began reading the favorite quotes, they weren’t really related to the slight edge at all, rather, they were just collections of people’s favorite quotes.

It was actually quite nice to find myself in an environment of critical thinkers who take the time to be inspired by personal development quotes and then share them with each other, instead of just sitting around discussing the last episode of the Jersey Shore… Oh I am digressing again, aren’t I…

Ok so here is the little sparkling quote that was the true inspiration for this Long Ass Facebook Status update, now known as this blog post…

Should I be an Engineer or Should I be a Musician?

I’ll never forget, I was raised die-hard Catholic and I did my Holy Communion when I was around 8 years old.

Part of the Ceremony was after the child took their first communion, the priest would do like a mini-interview of the child.

He’d put a microphone in front of their face and ask them…

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

I remember now as an adult that almost everyone had the same exact answer…

All The Girls would be Nurses or Teachers, and all the boys, would be Police officers, Fire Fighters, or Austronauts.

You would occasionally get an ‘ooh ahh’ from the crowd if a little over-achieving kid said they wanted to be a Lawyer or a Doctor…

But that was about it…

It was like those were the only 7 things to become in the world.

No one said they would be an Artist, a Musician, an Entrepreneur or a garbage man for that matter.

We were all in a little box, of ‘what we would be’.

It’s like we were ‘doomed’ from the start.

And what I mean by doomed is, I mean that our Creative Ability to Choose for ourselves was shrunk down into a handful of choices that were pre-selected for us.

What Do You want to BE When you Grow Up?

When it was my turn to say what I wanted to be, to be honest, I remember going through all the ‘choices’ in my head and just ended up saying what I figured everyone wanted to hear…I was standing in front of the priest, among hundreds of other parents and guests sitting and watching the ceremonies, I was standing there in my white dress and lace vail, when the Priest Asked me, and What do YOU want to be..

I said..

“I want to be a ‘teacher’.”

I’ll get back to how, ironically,this answer came full circle in a moment but want to share the quote I found in the forum that REALLY got me thinking and the story of the person who wrote the quote was equally as interesting.

This guy on the forum, was struggling on deciding whether he should become an Engineer or a Musician.

These two ‘careers’ if you will, seem like they couldn’t be more opposite than you would imagine, but after thinking about it more closely, what is a Musician at the end of the day, but an Engineer of Music right?

So even though they seem like polar opposites, fundamentally, they are both rooted in creation, except the typical engineer sits creating blueprints for buildings or infrastructures, where a musician creates blueprints for musical masterpieces like symphonies and operas.

But One is more Book Taught, where the other finds it’s creativity from the soul – if that makes sense.

So anyhow, the guy said that his father shared a Simple quote with him but was sooooo powerful that it helped him Choose whether he would be an Engineer or a Musician and that was this:

“When Your Mind Wanders…Where does it go?”

Wow! This is sooooo powerful.

How many times have you caught yourself at your ‘job’ and your mind wanders off to something else.

Maybe it’s your Soccer Match…

Maybe it wanders to the Water Painting Project that waits for you when you get home.

Maybe it wanders to the thought of playing with your children all day.

Does it Wander to Standing on Stage in front of a Crowd?

When the mind wanders, it goes to it’s ‘natural’ state of Bliss and when you are in that State of being, you are in FLOW with the universe.

Can you see why so many people are miserable in their jobs?

It’s because they are fighting the natural flow of their very essence?

Can You imagine if Wolgang Amadeus Mozart would have become and Engineer because it was a better paying ‘job’ and he could pay his bills, instead of pursuing his true passion, the passion that he is in FLOW with, which is being a Musician and creating Music!

I know the Reality is that there are Bills To Pay… I totally get that.. hell, I’ve got bills to pay..but after studying successful people for the last few years, I have realized that the people who pursue their passion and do it well, not only make alot of Money, but they are HAPPY and FULFILLED too…

People that Do what they Love are Just Naturally Good at it

Let’s Face it.

Some people don’t have enough confidence in themselves to pursue doing what they Love, so they don’t pursue it at all, and tend to think, when someone else has achieved their dreams and passions, it’s because it came EASY to them.. They were just naturally GOOD At it..

Admit it..

When you hear of an ‘overnight’ success, you tend to think, ohhhh, he is just more talented, or got Lucky.

Not TRUE at all…

Success, even in something you love, takes hard work, focus and practice…

Another Quote that I liked, came from Wolfgang himself and it stated:

“People are wrong who think my art comes easily to me. I assure you, nobody has devoted so much time and thought to composition as I. There is not a famous master whose music I have not studied over and over.” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

So what is the point of this Blog Post (or the Worlds Longest ALMOST Facebook Status?)

If you have to work HARD and Be Focused and devoted to something, it MAY AS WELL be in a pursuit that you are passionate about…

I know that someone MUST be the Police Officer and the Garbage man and the Firefighter, and GOD BLESS these people.

Some of them Absolutely LOVE their Job and Thank God they Do!

They are NOT the people I’m talking about.

We all need them in order to keep our communities safe and our streets clean and they all serve a purpose in our society.

Who I AM Talking to is YOU.

The Person reading this post who didn’t quite know what they wanted to be when they grew up, but they were passionate about the Arts, or Music, or Numbers, or Painting and they ended up in a Job they hated because they figured, ‘well, it pays well’…

If you are one of those people, you can Work Full Time on Your Job and Part Time on your Passions…

And if you are consistent enough, and I know it will be challenging, you’ll be able to replace your job with what you are passionate about.

Just a few months ago, I was doing a job that I really started to hate.

It was in the ‘Creative’ Field, but I was trading time for money…

I was not enjoying what I was doing any longer, mostly because it was just taking up too much of my time that I would rather spend  on where my mind Wanders…

but it PAID THE BILLS so I had to continue doing it….

But when my Mind would Wander, it would think of all the people I could help get healthy and Fit.

It would wander into wanting to Feel Significant and Make an Impact…

It would wander on spending more quality time with my Kids and Husband doing Fun Things!

I would think about all the people I could inspire to Be More and Do More because I know how much it SUCKS to be in a rut of doing something you hate.

I am an advocate for the Creative Side of people’s Souls. Because I’ve been working so hard to finally set mine free.

So Did YOU end up in a Career you don’t enjoy because you thought it would pay well?

Where does YOUR Mind Wander when you are at ‘work’…

If Money was not an issue, and you could do what you love…

What would that be?

I would Love to hear your comments….

Please leave them below.

Share your thoughts, it’s good for the Soul :)


The 'Life' Manifesto

OH Yeah, I almost forgot…

Remember when I said I wanted to be a ‘Teacher’ at my Holy Communion?

Ironically as it sounds, at that time I had imagined that being a teacher meant working inside an elementary school, using a Chalkboard in front of 30 Students…

But, you know what…

In a crazy sort of way…

I DID Become a Teacher…

I enjoy teaching people more about themselves.

I enjoy teaching people marketing, and how to build their business online…

I enjoy teaching people about their true potential, and what they are capable of…

I love teaching people to plug into proven systems to help them get healthy and fit…

So, Much Like The Guy Who was trying to decide between being and Engineer or a Musician, but ended up doing what he was passionate about (Creating) , in the CAPACITY in which he was passionate about doing it (Music)..

I chose the Creative Route that is inspired by my Spirit and my heart, and is in flow with the Universe…

I have thankfully found a vehicle which allows me to Have a Platform in which to motivate and inspire people, to make a difference, to pay it forward and to become both physically and financially fit (and teach others how to do the same) AND it pays the bills.. (You can See it Here)

I am well…

I am happy…

I am fulfilled..

I think that’s the way God intended it to be…

Do you think?


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  1. Great post Barbie – thanks for the insight and for the reminder to pursue your passion.

  2. Super awesome post Barbie! I never thought about asking, “when your mind wanders, where does it go” I LOVE THAT! Thanks for sharing, very eye-opening … and btw way The Slight Edge is a great book!

  3. That would have been one hell of a facebook status haha. I think that is great that you are doing what you love!

  4. Awesome post. Fitness is my calling. I did not realize until recently, but I love it. I’ve had a long and successful career, but I’ve decided to follow my passion and hopefully, make a transition to a new business. Awesome post.

  5. Great post! Wish I had learned these things when I was younger :)

  6. Nice article – really makes you think (yea, my mind was wondering at work today…hmmm.)

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