Why I Switched to the ’7 Figure Networker System’ – Full Review

You’re probably researching Jonathan Budd’s 7 Figure Networker System and wondering if you should take the plunge and invest in using this system to build your primary business.

Considering that I’ve used every single competing system, that I’m aware of, including My Lead System Pro, and the MSS also known as the Marketing Survivals Skills, if you asked me a year ago what I thought of the ’7 Figure Networker System’ I would have told you, ‘I loved Jonathan Budd, but I wasn’t too crazy about his system’.

Well a year later and my perspective has definitely changed.

Let me explain why.

Jonathan Budd’s System is one of the most technologically savvy and customizable systems that have been created to help you build your primary business on the back end while generating up front commissions, using the ‘funded proposal’ concept, on the front end.

So far, there are several systems that also do this.

What makes the 7 Figure Networker different?

Read on.

When I first ‘tested’ Jonathan Budd’s System over a year ago, it wasn’t as ‘user friendly’ as I would have hoped it would be and that is that I’m a pretty technical person. But because I didn’t fully understand the power of the system, I opted to use something that seemed easier to get off the ground than the 7 Figure Networker was at the time.

I began using it’s biggest competitor, MLSP, but my experience with MLSP is that it is a fantastic system. It is truly excellent as far as setting up capture pages, etc. However, the biggest problem I had with the MLSP system is that all the funnels were designed to go back and upsell your prospect on the MLSP system, which is fine, if you just want to make affiliate commissions with MLSP.

Jonathan’s system does something extremely powerful.

Although at first glance, it seems a bit more tedious to use, for the serious networker who wants to build their primary program, while generating multiple streams of income, the 7 Figure Networker has one Stellar feature that nobody else has and that is, that you can create custom marketing funnels from scratch, and those funnels can be completely independent from upselling the system.

This means that ANY business owner, network marketing or otherwise, can build a capture page in just a couple of minutes and send it to any url that you choose.

You control whether you want your prospects to back in through the 7 Figure Networker funnel or if you want them to go to your company’s website, etc.

This is a super critical feature that either the 7 Figure Networker had before and I didn’t notice or understand how to use, or they added it recently. I’m not quite sure which, but it’s incredibly important.

You want to be able to have the freedom of creating a marketing funnel that does not force the prospect to be upselled on the system.

That is reserved for a specific set of prospects only.

Another major game changer for me was, the Leader.

I’ve always been advised by mentors in the past, that you should seek out the leader in your marketplace and align yourself with that person and park yourself under their wing.

Truth be told, I was intimidated for such a long time to be part of Jonathan’s system, because, mindset wise, I was just not ready yet.

Jonathan gives you not only the technology and systems that will help you build your primary business online, but more importantly, he teaches you the leadership skills you must have in order to build and organization in the first place.

And my friends, I can tell you one thing is for certain, until you become the ‘right’ person, no system on the planet will help you build your business.

Mindset comes before Action.

You must be ready to take a leap and play with the big boys if you are serious about building your primary.

I could go on and on, and I probably will in another post because I haven’t even yet touched on the subject of Mentorship and the 7 Figure Networker Culture, but if you want the ability to create multiple streams of income while attracting the Highest Quality Prospects Available, you will most certainly want to atleast take the 7 Day $1.00 Trial and receive over $455 worth of Free Bonuses from Jonathan.

I am extremely impressed with the level of detail that Jonathan Shares in his trainings and I have no doubt, that with the power of the 7 Figure Networker System and a passion for your Primary program, this system will position you to become a top earner in your company as long as you go for it!


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3 Responses to “Why I Switched to the ’7 Figure Networker System’ – Full Review”

  1. Fantastic Review !!!! Very helpful!

  2. I noticed the links in this post for 7 Figure Networker all go to MLSP. Has your plan changed and do you now recommend MLSP over 7FN? Thanks

    • Great Question Stephen! I’ve actually Tried Both. They Both have their Pros And Cons. What I Like About JBudd’s System is that it is pretty Focused. Not toooo much information overwhelm and the Culture (in my experience and for where I want to go with my business) is not As Distracting to my main goal as MLSP. MLSP, for the Technical Person, is more user friendly, and more flexible and has a more sophisticated tracking system which is why I ultimately Switched over to MLSP.

      Here is the funny Part. While I was doing MLSP I was finding it hard to Focus on my Primary program. So I just simply began focusing on my primary program (I can do that because we have a ‘funded proposal’ type of upfront commissions and then we backend residual, so I began to simply Focus on my TARGET MARKET (people who want to lose weight and get in shape) and My Business Took off!!

      I still use a Marketing Funnel but it is geared towards my Primary (Team Beachbody)

      What are you looking to accomplish with the system?

      What are you currently struggling with?

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