Track Your ‘Beachbody Challengers’ Weightloss Progress With Oprius

So as Beachbody Coaches we are Super Excited to Create our Challenge Groups and get people on the road to Leading Healthy and Fulfilling lives through the Beachbody Challenge!

Chances are you are familiar with Tommy Mygrant’s 5 Step Process and it’s going swimmingly well, right?

But what are you doing to keep track of your Clients as they progress through the challenge?

Are you writing notes in a notebook?

Trying to stay organized with an Excel Sheet?

Or worse yet, you are pulling your hair out because you have no idea how to track all the information to ensure that you are providing your Beachbody Challengers the Best Service as possible? After all, they ARE our Clients Right? And we want them to stay with us for Years to come, long after they’ve achieved their results!

In Comes Oprius Contact Management Software

When speaking to my challengers, I found myself asking the same questions over and over and over again and I found myself just taking notes in the Notes Section of Oprius, when it dawned on me that it would be easier to streamline the ‘Surveying’ Process (asking them what I need to know in order to put them on the right program etc) and I could simply do this by creating custom Fields.

Watch the Video Below where I show you exactly how I created a little system that helps me get all the information I need from my prospects/Clients using the Oprius Custom Fields.


This is Truly going to help you keep closer contact with your beachbody challengers and help you serve your clients better.

The Custom Fields I added are just to give you a few ideas.

My Suggestion is if you find yourself asking a question over and over again, make it a custom field so you can easily populate the information as you speak to your challengers!

Have Fun with it!

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Barbie Figueroa Before and After

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