“Bring It Vs. Kia Kaha!” the Battle of P90X vs Les Mills Pump

Are you gonna ‘ Bring it’ or are you gonna Proclaim ‘Kia Kaha’ At the end of your Workout? You’ve got a choice to make. Is it gonna be Les Mills Pump, or P90X? This Blog Post will help you decipher the difference between each workout and which you should choose depending on YOUR Personal Goals.

LES MILLS PUMP VS P90X – What’s The Difference?

Les Mills Pump Vs. P90X

So considering I have experience with both of these programs, which one you choose will come down to a few key things. But first let’s travel back a little bit in time when I first did P90X.

As you probably know, P90X is one of the Most Well Known, At-Home, Extreme fitness programs on the planet. If you haven’t heard of P90X chances are you are still living under a rock!

When I first started working out to beachbody programs back in 2001, (I started with Power 90, which was P90X’s predecessor) P90X Still did not exist. I remember completing power 90 and being very involved with the Beachbody Message boards remembering people asking what the heck they were supposed to do after they completed power 90.  A few years later, Beachbody launched P90X – which was supposed to be the ‘Extreme’ version of Power 90.

Picking up where I left off over 10 years ago, I started my journey at 225, in late 2010, with Power 90 and then I moved on to P90X. It was a natural progression for me, since it’s kinda like the Program that you ‘Graduate into’ after doing Power 90.

Things to consider when Choosing P90X

There are a few things you need to consider if you decide you want to go with P90X. Of COURSE it’s an amazing workout! You cannot argue with the incredible PROVEN Results this workout system has helped so many people achieve. But from the Point of view of a Busy Mom of 3 boys, here are some things you should consider with P90X.

  1. Time Commitment – P90X is what I consider to be a Short Day at the Gym. When I go workout with my husband at the gym, we are there an average of 2 hours. Of course we are waiting for each to complete our sets, but we are there for a long time. When I first started P90x however, coming off of P90 which is only 35-40 Minutes long, P90X seemed like an eternity. It is an approximate 1 hour commitment with 1.5 hours for YOGA X. If you are a busy Mom like myself, you need to consider the amount of time you have to commit to the P90X Workout. And keep in mind that P90X is a 6 Day Commitment for 90 Days. (The Results, however, are worth it!)
  2. Athletic Ability – Are you in shape? Has it been a while since you worked out? Have you mainly been sedentary? Are you in the OBESE Range like I was in the beginning? Remember that Power 90 is the Predecessor to P90X, and although it’s an equally powerful program, it’s less taxing than P90X is.  You must pass the P90X Fit Test, in order to realistically complete the program. That is NOT to say that people who haven’t excercised in a while cannot do P90X, but based on my experience, I’d much rather work my way up to P90X and set a solid foundation, than just jump into it and quit in the middle of the program.
  3. Are you involved in any other Sports Activities? Do you Run? Are You a Marathoner? Do you like to go to the Gym and take Classes? If you said yes to any of these, you may find yourself overtraining. If you’re gonna do P90X, especially for the first time, Just DO p90X. Give yourself the chance to experience the results of the program before trying to mix in other things.
  4. What kind of Body are You Looking for? Are you looking to lose weight? Build Muscle? Focus on your Lower Half? Lose Fat? You’ve got to figure out what kind of body and physical fitness you are trying to achieve before taking on P90X. To be honest, I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted when I first did P90X, I just knew that I wanted to go for the CHALLENGE! I wanted bragging rights to say, I DID P90X (and survived!) But because of the way I carry weight on my body (small on top, bigger on the bottom) P90X May not have been the Best choice for what I wanted to achieve, although it was the Best Choice at the time!
  5. What Motivates you?  Do you love kick ass club type music? Do you like Variety? Do you like a trainer with a sense of humor? Every workout is different and P90X has it’s own STYLE. I absolutely LOVE Tony Horton. Some people do NOT get his sense of humor, but I DO and I love it!  The Music to P90X is like a ‘Rock’ Track, think of working out to Electric Guitar Music. Do you like Variety? P90X Definitely has Variety… It has many different workouts. It works Chest Back, Shoulder Arms, you got Kenpo X, Yoga, Plyo Metrics, it’s a well rounded workout but with a huge variety. That may work for you, or it may not. It just depends on your personality Type and what motivates you to stick with something.

OK Now that I’ve given you atleast 5 Things to Consider When weighing out Les Mills Pump vs. P90X, Let’s break down a few highlights about Les Mills Pump.

Les Mills Pump Vs. P90X – Who is Les Mills Pump For?

What I absolutely LOVE About Les Mills Pump, and there are MANY things I love about it, is that it is a very forgiving workout.

It’s forgiving in the sense that if you are short on time, if you are a busy person, or if you are already a person that is involved in other sports activities, like Running or Soccer, or Tennis, for example and that is already taking up alot of time on your schedule, the Les Mills Pump workout schedule is perfect for those people that don’t wanna give up what they are already doing, and would just like to add some serious strength training into their routine.

So, Who is the Pump Right For?

  • People of any weight, age, shape or size
  • Beginner, intermediate or advanced fitness levels
  • Men and women
  • Athletes looking to strengthen all muscle groups for better performance
  • Anyone wanting a long, lean, chiseled and sexy body
  • Anyone looking for a HYBRID program with another Beachbody Home Fitness Program
So it doesn’t really matter what your athletic ability is, you can probably do Les Mills even if you are just getting back into the workout scene.
*WARNING: Who Should NOT Do Les Mills Pump?
I’m not a doctor, but I would recommend that if you Have BAD KNEES or any injuries that you are still struggling with, that you skip on LMP simply because you will be doing Squats and lunges till your legs fall off :) and they can be tough on your knees if you have any existing issues.

LES Mills Pump is AWESOME For Busy Moms!

As a busy mom myself, (running a home based business, shuttling kids around to and from school, homework and all that stuff) I need to get in, and get out, and get it done! And I Do not want to skip any workouts!

Les Mills Pump also features an Awesome Music Track. There is a Different Song (most that you will recognize and if you don’t they will totally grow on you) for each move.

Les Mills Pump focuses on getting you LEAN and STRONG.

You’ll be doing a plethora of:

  • Chest Presses
  • Dead Lifts
  • Squats
  • Lunges (all while carrying a barbell on your Back)
This is an Excellent workout for women who want to tone their butt and legs. I’m totally loving it!

[box]To Watch A 2 Minute Video Demonstrating Les Mills PumpClick here[/box]

And Last but not least, we cannot forget, that each workout has it’s ‘Native Call’, so to speak!

With P90X, It’s followers yell ‘BRING IT’

With Les Mill Pump, We Affirm,  ‘Kia Kaha!’

Personally, I think they are BOTH Cool and whether you run across a P90Xer or a Les Mill Pump Enthusiast, just say the ‘call’ and they will know what you are talking about. It’s like the call of the Tribe if you will =)

So What is the Verdict Between Les Mills Pump VS P90X?

I love both workouts for different reasons, but if you put me on a deserted Island and gave me a choice of who I would spend the next 90 Days with, I’d choose Les Mills Pump. It’s my ‘Soul Mate Workout’.

It’s that workout that you just absolutely LOOK FORWARD to doing and you have a blast.

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