Ode To Buggsy The Rabbit


Another Random Post.

Buggsy – Our Pet Rabbit

But I just had to share it because there are little things you are so grateful for, little blips in your life that seem so insignificant to others, but have so much meaning to you.

He showed up on my porch last year as a tiny little baby Rabbit.

I’ll never forget.

I was at my computer, and my Middle Son Gaby, happened to look outside the window and he said, “Mom, there is a bunny outside the house!!”

I’m Like, “No Way!”

He says, ‘YES!!!’, Come Look!!!

I honestly didn’t believe him but I peeled myself away from my computer to see what he was talking about, and low and behold…

There he was…

I tiny little bunny.

Cute as a Button.

He looked Just like Buggs Bunny.

I was hesitant to keep him, because, of course, you know the kids begged me to keep him.

But I didn’t want them to get emotionally attached before we atleast attempted to find out if he belonged to someone.

So I made a deal with my boys. (I have 3)

If the bunny still shows up on the porch tomorrow, then I believe it’s a sign from God that we need to keep him and then we will keep him.

The kids were super excited.

Here’s a Video of Him when We Found him on June 3, 2011.


I’m sure they were praying for the bunny to be there in the morning.

I woke up the next morning, and the first thing I did was look outside.

And under the benches we have situated in our backyard, just a few feet from the lake, there he was.

He was nestled in the grass under the bench.

To me, this was a sign, that I needed to take the Bunny in.

But  the excitement, now turned to worry because I knew a Bunny and buying stuff for the Rabbit was going to run me quite a few dollars.

How in the World Was I Going to Take This Bunny In, When I really Couldn’t Afford Him?

Back then I was struggling like hell in my Beachbody business and I could Barely rub two pennies together.

Thankfully, my husband carried the majority of the weight of the bills of the house, my full time job was mom so I had plenty on my plate, but I’ve always been the kind of girl who wants to actively contribute to my family financially.

(But without being AWAY from them, like at a desk job.)

Anyhow, don’t want to digress too much as Buggsy is the Star of the Post, but I just remember hurting to spend $100 to buy Buggsy his cage, Hay, Water Bottle, Litter, and all the other stuff you gotta get a new pet Rabbit.

I remember furiously calculating in my head if I would have enough to pay for my Shakeology Autoship and still make it till the end of the month. (I never asked my husband for money to help me build my business. NEVER. I have always been resolved to do it myself)

I literally had to Decide between the Livelihood of this Rabbit, or Staying in Business.

I could have easily broken the kids hearts and given Buggsy away for Adoption.

I could have caved in and said, ‘I can’t afford my Shakeology this Month, I will go Inactive’.

No!! That is not How VICTORY is achieved.

Winners find a WAY.

So what I did was, I ended up buying him the smallest cage I could find, (the Pet Smart Lady looked at me funny and I remember her telling me, ‘he’s gonna grow you know!’ he needs more space to walk around’)

But I was Soooo scared to not be able to afford both, that I just got the cheapest and smallest cage I could find.

I told her, “This will Do for Now. I’ll upgrade in a couple of months as he gets bigger”….

I think I ended up spending about $85bucks.

And I remember How Horrible it felt to decide between the livelihood of the Rabbit and being able to afford the overhead for my business.

But I remember thinking, if God Wants me to build this business..Something will come through.

Let go of the Fear.

And so I did…

I obviously Made it.

I believe in my heart that since we decided to Give Buggsy a Safe Place to Live, that we payed HIS Livelihood Forward, that I received Blessings for it and thank goodness for that!

Cuz a year later, I don’t have to worry if Buggsy Needs something.

I am not making the REALLY BIG BUCKS just yet, but I’m definitely so much better off than I was last year…

And what’s cool is that Buggsy, although silent in the background, has been there with us the whole time.

As a matter of fact, June 3rd was his one year Anniversary that we found him.

And he is our Awesome Pet.

My Silent Partner in Business.

He smothers me with kisses in the morning and reminds me why I love doing what I do.

He hasn’t a care in the world.

He just goes outside after I let him out, and he hops around the yard, eating grass and little flowers without a care or worry in the world.

He gives us sooo much love and kisses and he is a constant reminder of how beautiful life can be, when you are just authentically yourself and free of worry and fear.

And in this crazy Little Way, I believe that since I saved Buggsy’s Life, He kinda saved mine too.

Saving Him… Saved Me.

He brings me peace when I need it, and that’s why I love him so much!

So I wanted to share a cute video of his Bunny kisses in the Morning because they bring me so much Joy and just get my day off to an Awesome Start!


I know this post is totally Random but so is life sometimes right? =)

I hope you enjoyed getting a little insight on our Family Pet and the impact this tiny creature has made in helping me push forward in my business.

He Inspires Me, in his own little Bunny way :)

Do You have someone or something that Inspires YOU and gets you going in the morning?

Please feel free to leave your comments below! I’d love to hear them!