Les Mills Pump DVD: 55 Minute Pump Extreme – What to Expect

Alright so you’ve probably been on the fence and looking into the Les Mills Pump DVD’s and still wanna get a better idea of exactly what you can expect! Lucky for you, I’m a visual person too and like to ‘SEE’ What I’m gonna get before I buy anything so I recorded myself working out to the Les Mills Pump Extreme DVD and compiled a short video demonstrating a bit of each track in this 55 Minute DVD that you will start doing once you get into week 8 of the Program. 

Les Mills Pump DVD : Pump Extreme

So I’ve slacked a bit in recording all the workouts, but I promise I will go back and record clips of both Pump and Burn and Pump Revolution. These are the longer workouts that are part of the Les Mills Pump DVD Series designed and Licensed for Beachbody to be done at home.

If you wanna Check out Pump Challenge, the first 20 Minute Workout in the Series, you can check out my Other Blog Post of this Particular Les Mills Pump DVD Here.

What to Expect with LES MILLS PUMP DVD: 55 Minute Pump Extreme.

You can definitely expect more of the same types of moves with this Les Mills Pump DVD. I would say that the other DVD’s Like Challenge, Revolution and Pump & Burn and Pump and Shred, basically lead up to this Les Mills Pump DVD.

The Pump Extreme, which is a 55 Minute Workout that you will begin to do once you head into week 8 of the Les Mills Pump DVD program, basically includes all the tracks you can find in the other DVD’s all on one DVD.

You can expect to do:

  • A Warm Up
  • Squat Track
  • Lunge Track
  • Bicep Curls
  • TriCep Workout
  • Dead Lifts
  • Clean and Presses
  • Shoulder work with Bar
  • Barless Shoulder Work
  • Push ups
  • Ab/Core Work
  • Cool Down/ Stretch
For a Full Demonstration of the Les Mills Pump DVD: Pump Extreme workout, click on the Video Below!

A Little Bit on the MUSIC Tracks on this Les Mills Pump DVD

Oh Man, if you are motivated by Music, You will LOVE the Tracks on this Les Mills Pump DVD. I love that they have incorporated Tracks that we are already familiar with and they have included music from PINK. (As a matter of fact, PINK Music, ROCKSTAR TRACK, is with Jericho’s Track in Pump and Shred and Then ‘Raise Your Glass‘ is also featured in the Pump Extreme DVD. Pretty Cool!

So Let me give you a few little Tips as you work your way into the Les Mills Pump Extreme DVD

  1. Don’t Try to be a HERO (or a She-Ro) – Change your plates down if you have to. As you will see in the video, I started with 30 lbs plates, but by the end of the workout, I had switched down to 10lbs (total) cuz my legs were already obliterated by the 30lbs I started with, and I was more concerned with completing the workout than I was in trying to be cool.
  2. Go at YOUR OWN PACE: The Les Mills Pump Trainers can bang out Singles and bottom halves,  like nobody’s business. I don’t stay too far behind but sometimes I have to slow it down or else the burn is just way too overwhelming and I’d rather slow down than Quit.
  3. It’s ok to Get Your UGLY on: Yeah, I’m sure that Les Mills Knew exactly what he was doing when he hired these gorgeous Pump Trainers to workout with you in your living room. I mean, Looking at these gorgeous women and Hot Men does NOT Get Old and it’s very inspiring.  However, you’re in the comfort of your home, nobody is watching. It’s ok to get UGLY and get your GRUNT ON if you are pressing through a 30 lbs Squat. I say, you haven’t worked out hard enough until you get your Ugly on :)
  4. Press the Pause Button if you have to: That’s the cool thing about beachbody workouts, you can press the pause button and pick up at your own pace. Sometimes I need to hit pause so I can do a quick plate change, although I find that most times the Pump Trainers give you enough time to change out your plates because they are changing them out as well. But some people need more time than others so just click PAUSE on the remote, and then pick up where you left off! (Also take your time with the clips, cuz you can pinch your skin if you try to do it too fast, OUCH!)
  5. And By All Means, HAVE FUN WITH IT! Yea, it’s a 55 Minute Workout, but trust me, it goes by FAST! I absolutely LOVE Les Mills Pump and it’s kinda like when you are spending time with someone whose company you really enjoy, the time flies by really fast. I would much rather do 55 Minutes of Pump Extreme than 55 minutes of P90X (and I LOVE Tony Horton!) but just sayin’.
So hopefully, I’ve given you a good idea of what to expect with this 55 Minute Pump Extreme, Les Mills Pump DVD and you can get off the fence and get in the game!
You can get started by joining one of my Les Mills Pump Challenge Groups by grabbing a Les Mills Pump Challenge Pack.
That will qualify you to be placed in one of my private Beachbody Challenge Support groups on Facebook where you will be paired with an Accountability partner and we will inspire you and motivate you to Rock your Les Mills Pump Workout for the next 90 Days!
KIA KAHA! – Be Strong!
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Barbie Figueroa Before and After

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  1. Great post. I love Les Mills Body Pump. It is fun and a killer workout. My plan right now is P90X2, but I will get back to Body Pump soon. I also like that you can always turn up the volume by increasing the weight.

  2. I love that you show a video of the workouts. Its hard to find a good preview like this.

  3. by looking at your video, it seriously looks like a gym workout in your home which is soooo convenient! Les Mills is def on my to-buy list. I’m ready to get my ugly on!

  4. I am a total fan of the Les Mills Pump workout program! This is an awesome demo review of the pump extreme workout. Love that you give people a sneek peak into the program. Great post!

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