How to *STOP* Writing Repetitive Emails with One Click of a Button

Have you ever found yourself writing the same Email over and over and over again?

Answering the SAME Questions, Over and Over and Over again?

Repeating yourself Over and Over and Over Again??

I think you get the point!!

One Request that I encounter quite often is that a Customer wants to Transfer and add me as their Coach.  Now I am NOT in the practice of taking customers from coaches, but if a customer wants to transfer to me for the ‘RIGHT’ Reasons, then inevitably, you will have to contact coach relations to make the transfer official.

Usually this involves having the customer email a letter to Teambeachbody Coach Relations, which, depending on how savvy your customer is, can be a simple or a challenging task.

Considering that I get this request pretty often, I literally got tired of doing the same thing over and over and over again until FINALLY the light bulb went off in my head and I remember I could create a ‘STORED EMAIL’ in Oprius!

So I decided to whip out the screen share, and show you exactly how I do this!

Now, all I have to do is click on a button, change out some info and send the email and I can do it all under a minute!

Watch the Video Below to see how I streamline the Coach Transfer Process and make it Stupid Simple for my Customers by creating a TEMPLATE in my Stored Emails in Oprius!


Pretty Cool huh??


I just saved myself TIME and you know what they say???

TIME is MONEY HONEY soooooo the more leveraged and streamlined your business is, the more money you can go out and EARN!!

Discover the Tool that helped me Increase my income in just a few months!!

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