How To Choose The *Right* Beachbody Program in 6 Simple Steps

So You’re Ready to finally take a step towards REAL Change in your life in the right direction when it comes to transforming your life through health and fitness and you’re ready to decide on a Beachbody Program that you can do from home, but with an expanding library of over 30+ workout programs in the Beachbody Family, how do you choose the program that is right for you? 

Choosing the Right Beachbody Program

Choosing the Right Beachbody Program

Considering that this is a question I get alot, and after being a coach for 1.5 years and a customer for over 12, I’ve narrowed down how to choose the Right beachbody program for you into 6 Simple questions you need to ask yourself so you can figure out what direction to go in.

And the Visual Learners out there, I’ve also created a step by step video and a Downloadable PDF for your Convenience, that you can checkout, near the end of this post :)

How to Choose the Right Beachbody Program in 6 Simple Steps.

Step 1: What is your Current Level of Fitness?

Be realistic with where you are in your fitness level. If you haven’t worked out in a while, don’t jump into an ‘EXTREME’ Program and Set yourself up for failure, rather, take it one day at a time and create a solid foundation for success and start with a program that will condition you to more forward to something more advanced.

If you already have a great level of Fitness, then you’re the perfect candidate for one of our more Advanced programs. The point is, be honest with yourself, don’t try to be a hero (or a she-ro) and start somewhere Realistic. We have programs for Kids all the way to Grandmas and Grandpas, so Choose wisely.

Step 2.: Figure out what your ‘Ultimate Long Term Goal is’ and then where you want to be 90 Days from now: and take it Step by Step

I’ve learned that when you want to Achieve a goal, you must first know what that goal is, and then quickly ‘reverse engineer’ the steps to get there.  If your start weight is 225, like mine was, for example, you first need to decide what your ultimate goal weight is, and consider the ‘realistic’ amount of time that it will take to get there.

At 225, there was no way that I would tackle Insanity, heck there was no way I could even start with Power 90. I just wasn’t in the right mindset or in the physical condition for me to stay motivated or consistent, so I decided to first start with Shakeology and a walking program in order to drop the first 10 pounds I needed to assure myself that I COULD Lose the weight, before moving on to another program.

*VIDEO: How To Choose The *Right* Beachbody Program


Step 3: What is your Workout Style? (Do you like Dancy type of Workouts or Do you have 2 left Feet?)

Do You have two Left Feet?

Seriously, this picture may be funny, but I’m not joking! If you’re anything like me, and have two left feet, chances are one of our Dancy Dancy programs like Hip Hop Abs or Turbo Fire may not be for you. If you’re the type that takes forever to get to speed with complicated choreography, and you spend more time trying to catch up, than you are working out, you may want to opt for one of our more SIMPLE traditional style workouts, that you just can’t screw up.

Don’t confuse Simple with Challenging, however. I’m talking about Jumping Jacks, Running in Place or Kick Boxing and punching.

If those kind of moves are more up your alley, then something like P90X or Power 90, or Body Beast and Les Mills Pump are more of a match for you!

4. What kind of Time Commitment Do you have?

Do you work 9-5 and have to drop kids off at daycare before going to work and pick them up after work? (Psst, if you do and you want to change that.. You may wanna read ‘this page‘…)

Maybe you work a graveyard shift and need something that gets the job done but doesn’t take too much time.

We have programs that start with just 10 Minutes!

So no matter what your schedule is, you just gotta figure out how much TIME COMMITMENT YOU are ready to put aside to take this step forward in your life!

5. What kind of Space do you have to workout at home

Beachbody Workouts don’t take up that much space. I hear alot of people who live in small townhouses complain that they just don’t have the space to workout. I understand that quarters may be tight, but trust me, you don’t need that much space to do our workouts from home.

In general, if you have enough space to take 2 walking lunges, (1 with each leg) and come back, that’s pretty much all the space you need.

Depending on whether you are doing a workout that requires weights or not, you will need to set aside a little more space to store your equipment. What I did was grab a Medium Sized Bamboo Trunk, that is for ‘looks’ in my living room and I put all my workout stuff in it.

(See picture Below)


Storing My Weights and Equipment














Storing my Weights and Equipment

Althought I live in a pretty big house, the living room area is pretty small.. So I just put my equipment away when I’m done so my living room doesn’t look like a gym, and it makes my highly organized husband happy :)

And Finally, Last but not Least

6. What kind of Body Do you Want?

This is a really important question. This will help you determine which way to go.

When I was 225lbs I started with a Walking program and Shakeology. But I knew eventually, that a walking program would NOT Sculpt the body that I was trying to eventually achieve.

I wanted a ‘BEACH Body’ one that I would be proud to show off on the beach (some day!) and Walking was just not going to cut it!

So do you want an athletic build?

Do you want to Bulk Up?

Do you wanna perk up your tush?

Tone Up? Lean Down?

It will make a difference what program you decide to go with… So Figure out what you wanna look like and what it will take to get you  there, and then pick the beachbody program that will get you the body you want!

If after reading this post, you are still not sure, then take a minute and fill out my FREE Fitness Survey and I’ll help you figure it out!

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You Can Also Download the Beachbody Comparison Chart by clicking on the link below:

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