Everybody’s Working for the Weekend…

Everybody’s working for the weekend. I remember when this song came out in the 80′s and feeling really depressed. I mean it’s a killer song but the idea of Everybody Working for the Weekend just conjured up a lot of negative emotion for me.

I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% Sure what the intention behind the song is, but the Title Always comes up in my head as the weekend approaches and I sit back and remember hating life when I was working in a job I despised but because of my circumstances, I had to Tolerate it.

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Ok So what inspired Me to Write This Post about ‘Everybody’s Working for the Weekend?”

So it’s June 1st 2012 and it’s Friday.

The Barrage of TGIF’s are flying all over Facebook and I can’t help but have a sad feeling about it.

I mean, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t wanna live my life just hanging on to looking forward to this one elusive day of the week that never seems to get here quick enough, and is gone before you know it.

(Quick DJ, change the Track to …)

Just another Manic Monday.

Cuz you know Monday is around the corner and the comments will start to change to..’Dang, I Hate Mondays, I just hope this day is over fast’…

I guess I’m feeling kinda introspective today, and this Blog Post is bound to offend some people, but it is what it is.

I remember the days of living my life, stuck in a routine I absolutely hated.

It looked like this.

  • Wake up at 6:30 in the Morning.
  • Sit in 60 Minutes bumper to bumper traffic to get to a Job I totally hated.
  • Get into the office greeted by a dirty look from my boss because I was usually a minute or two late. (Sorry Boss, Traffic Sucks!)
  • Typing up some construction proposal at 8AM in the Morning, thinking to myself, “You know, this just isn’t ‘Natural’… Here I am Typing some proposal when I should really be sleeping in my warm cozy bed’…
  • Lunchtime was 30 Minutes, and most days I had to scarf my lunch down at my desk WHILE answering the phones (what a break right?) because my boss refused to have the answering service on during lunch, so someone had to answer the phones while the receptionist was on break.
  • 5 O’Clock would roll around but my schedule ended at 5:30. I was like a Pavlov Dog drooling, waiting anxiously for the clock to strike on the 6 hand so I could get the hell out of there… Not that I was going anywhere fast because I had to sit in, yea, you guessed it, more rush hour traffic on the way home.  What was normally a 15 Minute drive became a 60 Minute Hour of Pure Torture trying to get home at a decent hour.
  • Get home around 6:30 or 7PM and figure out something to eat.
  • Greet my tired husband, exchange a few updates… usually relating to complaining about how crappy work was and how broke we were.. and then going to sleep.

Then do the same thing over and over and over again like Ground Hog Day for the next 4 Days.

No wonder I was Desperate for the Weekend to get here! And so I can understand the mindset that goes behind it.

But one day, something changed.

I got pregnant with my first son.

I’ll never forget.

It was December 11, 1999 and I took a pregnancy test on the day of my Company’s Christmas Party.

And it Was positive.

Pregnant with First Baby!

I was excited, Nervous, Scared to death but absolutely exhilerated that I was one step closer to achieving one of my lifelong dreams and that was to become a Mom.

Not just a Mom, but a Super Mom.

A Mom that would be there for my kids and watch them grow and be an integral part of their daily lives.

I didn’t wanna miss a thing.

And then a Defining Moment occurred in My Life that Changed my outlook on ‘working for the weekends’ FOREVER.

The BOSS Who Hated My Baby

Ok so maybe he didn’t HATE my baby, but he sure didn’t appreciate the fact that I was Pregnant.

I’ll never forget the day that I was standing by the Fax Machine, sending out a Construction Bid, and I remember being really hungry. I began to do, what most pregnant women do and started to Rub My Belly.

My Boss, I guess happened to notice, so he came up to me, ( I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time) and he asked me..

“So…Are you still in that phase where something can happen to the baby?”

I replied ” huh?, what do you mean?”

He asked, ” You know, are you still in that phase where you can have a miscarriage or something?”

I was completely Puzzled, confused and appauled at why he was asking me this question..

‘Uhm, yea, I guess I can still technically have a miscarriage, but I sure hope you are not wishing it on me!”

And he kinda laughed and said, ” I mean, Come on, Do you REALLY Want that Baby?”


My heart completely Sank.

That was a Defining moment for me, and although at that moment I was completely Disgusted by My Boss and was absolutely horrified and offended, I had to shut my freaking mouth and kinda shrug it off with a hypocritical ‘ ha, ha, ha’…

Because I could not Afford to Lose My Job.

But as horrible as a moment as that was, it is one of the moments I am most grateful about in my entire Life because that was the moment that, in my mind, I decided that I would NEVER, EVER Allow someone to dictate how I would live out my life.

I could go on and tell you about the time he made me cancel my Doctor appointment in the 36 week of my pregnancy but that would just piss me off to think about it all over again.

The Point is this.

That moment was the moment that I RESOLVED in my mind that I was going to take control of my life and I was going to stay home with my baby.

I had 2 Choices.

I could keep whining and complaining about it or I could Move my Ass and Do SOMETHING About it…

  • I cannot tell you how many people told me that I would never be able to do it.
  • That I should just go back to work and put my baby in a daycare
  • Or that I should work part – time and have my mom take care of him (that was not going to happen for sure!)
Of course, I should just shut my mouth and SETTLE because the Alternative (which was having it MY WAY) was too HARD.
And it WAS Hard.
But My FOCUS was Relentless…
I picked up the phone and swear I called everyone I knew.
“Do you know anyone who knows anything about working from home”…
Most people that knew me tried to convince me that my crusade to stay home with my baby was impossible and that I may as well just give up. And I can tell you that at Month 7 of my Pregnancy, I still didn’t have a solution to how the heck
I was going to stay home with my Son.
And then one day, in the 8th month of my Pregnancy, an ANGEL called me on the phone :)
It was the sweetest voice I ever heard, it was like God sent her to me.
“Hey Barbie, are you still looking for a way to work from home?”
“Uh, YEA! Of course, you KNOW I wanna stay home with the baby after he is born”…
The girl who called was the Secretary (who was also pregnant at the time!) from one of our biggest clients. She totally had to call me on the down low so my boss wouldn’t know that I was planning the ‘great escape’ from the Rat Race.
‘There is this thing going on over a Miami Dade Campus. There is a huge company and they are getting ready to train a bunch of people to be virtual operators working from home and they are having a big seminar this weekend. My cousin works with them and she makes good money and she is home all day’.
And the rest is history.
I went to the seminar, I KNEW that this was my way out, and that this was hand delivered to me and was part of my Destiny.
And even though I had to make an investment of over $300 to get started in this ‘Virtual Operator’ Business… It was the WAY for me to finally say goodbye to my office cubicle, the job I hated, the boss who hated that I was pregnant and for me to stay home with the REASON I WAKE UP and GO TO BED every day…
My Son.
I finally had a PASSION and a DRIVE and a WHY so big and so meaningful that, Much Like Napoleon Bonaparte, who said there was no obstacle he couldn’t overcome…. The Obstacle would have no choice but to get out of his way…
Just like him…
My Drive and passion to stay home with my Son was fuel enough to overcome any obstacle that came between that happening.
So I’m Gonna Ask You Now, Are you like Everyone Else, Just sitting and Waiting around for the Weekend?
If you are like ME, and you know deep down in your heart that you just don’t ‘Fit’ into the status quo and that your dreams are bigger than the routine that confines you to settle for what you have right now…
I want to shake you by the shoulders and tell you…
YES it’s HARD.
YES it’s going to seem like it may NEVER HAPPEN
and YES, everyone around you will try to pull you down (misery loves company, remember?)
But If you are that one person that can hear my ‘dog whistle’ and hear my message…
My Message is this…
If you have a DREAM in your HEART and a PASSION in your SOUL.. then you must go after it RELENTLESSLY.
You must go after it with a BLINDED FOCUS that practically eats you alive.
I am not Rich, nor do I have tons of money stashed away, or any of that stuff that you might think, but what I do have is the knowing that GOD will fulfill your Destiny as long as you ‘PRAY and MOVE YOUR FEET’…
Don’t Settle.
Don’t Listen to the Masses.
Don’t Listen to the people that try to bring you down. (That is only a projection of their own insecurities and fears placed on you.)
You CAN Do anything you put your heart and Mind to but you must walk, no RUN, Blindly in Faith.
Because I can assure you…
If your desire is strong enough and your Will is Powerful enough…
God WILL Send you the People, the ideas, the opportunities and even the Money (thru other people or opportunities) to make it HAPPEN…
But YOU MUST Have a VISON and Anchor yourself to it, no matter WHAT.
Wow, 1853 words Later and this is a long ass post.
But I sure hope that you got Value from it.
Life is short and why live life for the weekend when every single waking moment of our lives is a precious gift!
Why wish your day away (I see so many people doing this and I cringe) when in fact we should be utterly grateful for another day to spend with our loved ones, to make an impact on others, to leave, if just a small little indelible mark on this planet that is our Legacy.
Love every single day.
Create your Life.
Fulfill your Destiny.
Change your Perspective.
Life is Truly Amazing!!
Enjoy your Weekend and Start Monday with a Re-freshed view of what is possible.

And if you are ready to start planning your own escape from the rat race, and want to see how I currently make my living from home click here now:


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12 Responses to “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend…”

  1. I concur! I know so many people in my life that when they see I’m happy working from home, being a business owner they scoff and want to bring me down because of their 9-5 job they HATE. Sad thing is when I try to encourage them to try what I’m doing, even at a P/T basis I get the cold shoulder. Love my freedom or hate it, don’t bring me down for my success! I’m with you Barbie, I chose freedom, to be with my family and have a LIFE I want!

    • I’ve learned the hard way that I must blow what I call ‘my dog whistle’. Not everyone can hear it. It’s only on a certain frequency, and for everyone else, just live and let live…It’s a more peaceful and joyful life when we stop trying to help the people who are content where they are, even if they complain about it :)

  2. Awesome post. Very inspirational. I don’t mind my day to day job, but I would sure like the freedom to work from home all the time. My kids are 2 and 4. I would appreciate the opportunity to really mold their futures by being available to them at anytime. That freedom is truly the American dream. Suzanne and Barbie, please keep inspiring people.

    • Thank You Darren! This is not to knock the traditional job by any means. It works for a lot of people and I know many people that are completely fulfilled with what they do. But there are those like myself that want things to be different but don’t know how it’s gonna happen. FOCUS and determination and a lot of Faith is what will allow the things, people and opportunities we need to find their way to us to reach us!

  3. Barbie, this is such an amazing and inspiring post. Some people don’t even work for the weekend … they work for the next day. I used to be like this, literally looking in the couch for change to pay my bills. Everyone struggles at some point in their lives, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. Thanks for your post, I loved reading it.

    • Thanks Mel! I appreciate it! That was just the beginning of my story.. I’ve had ups and downs and have been broke several times.. but once I reconnected with my Why and have run on blind faith trusting that everything would work out…things always get better and I’ve learned finally at 40 that no matter what, we must appreciate everything…not just the weekend, but every single moment we are alive and well!

  4. I know exactly what it feels like. I’m working on getting to the same place where I can work from home.

  5. OMG I can TOTALLY Relate. I was just saying this the other day…so many people are posting “TGIF” or “YAHHH It’s Hump Day”. The thought of living this way puts a knot in my stomach and makes me want to PUKE! How about…”TGIWFH”???? Thank God I Work From Home…..and can do whatever the heck I want? That sounds like a better deal to me!

  6. Great post! You have inspired me to follow my dreams and work hard to accomplish it!!

  7. Wow..what an incredible post! Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life with us. This really is an eye opener for people that feel stuck in their life…there is always a way out out of your situation when you set your mind to make a change. Thanks again for sharing Barbie!

  8. I never want to work for anyone else else ever!

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