Don’t Make This Beachbody Coaching Mistake!!

So We got into the Team Beachbody Coaching Opportunity because we want to help people transform their lives. It’s the Beachbody Motto and Carl Daikelers Vision. “To Help People live, healthy and fulfilling lives”…

But where do you draw the line between helping people and building a profitable business?

What I love about the type of business model for the Team Beachbody Business Opportunity that is Network Marketing, there is alot of opportunity to learn and grow.

As a matter of fact, I would dare to say that if you are not learning something new, then you are not growing and neither is your business.

There is an inside joke in the industry that says that ‘Network Marketing is Personal Development with a paycheck!’ and that is Sooo True!

Well I’m here to share my experiences while I grow my beachbody business and with that sharing, comes authenticity, and my commitment to share the good times and bad times, and the stupid mistakes I’ve made also in order to help you not make them too.

Today’s VLOG is going to focus on Helping the ‘RIGHT’ People.

Yes, it’s totally possible to try to help the WRONG people.

Take a Moment to watch the video below to see exactly what I mean:


As you can see, I’ve made this mistake, as I’m sure many other do as we have started this business to help people but helping the wrong people can totally suck your energy, stall your business growth and keep you from achieving the goals you set for yourself if you would take a moment and really THINK about and VISUALIZE the person that you want to Sponsor into your business.

The Team Beachbody business opportunity is unique in that it helps Transform people’s lives from the inside out, and learning how to distinguish the Low Hanging Fruit from the Blood Sucking Vampires will definitely help your business Grow and flourish in the long run!

Here’s a Great Course that I recommend highly for every person in the Network Marketing Industry, or any Solopreneur that will help you attract more leads and quality prospects into your business on a daily basis!

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Barbie Figueroa Before and After

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