Does Beachbody Really Give you Free Leads- or is it just More B.S.?

You may be researching the Team beachbody Business Opportunity and may have heard some rumors about Team Beachbody Giving you Free Leads or you are currently a ‘Struggling Coach’ wondering how the heck to Generate more Free Teambeachbody Leads using the Internet. Well I’m here to lay those rumors to rest and to  pull the curtains open on my back office so you can see for yourself how Teambeachbody gives you tons of Free Leads.

Free Teambeachbody Leads

Free Teambeachbody Leads

But before I get into all of that, let me first share with you that before I became a Teambeachbody Coach, I dipped my foot in the Network Marketing ‘pool’ more times than I can count.

If you have any experience whatsoever in this type of business model, or any business for that matter, you know that generating Targeted Quality Leads is absolutely Critical to your success.

A qualified lead is the Lifeblood of your Business.

No leads = No Business

This holds true for any business! Ya with me so far? Great.

One of the Biggest struggles that I encountered online, was finding people to share my business opportunity with.

After many failed attempts, I finally decided that I had to become proficient in Internet Marketing and generate leads all by myself.

There is a hell of a learning curve involved, however, in trying to generate your own teambeachbody free leads but it is absolutely possible.

I failed in several network marketing companies, for various reasons, but one of the biggest problems was the fact that I just didn’t know how to generate enough leads.

I finally learned how to do internet marketing and how to finally generate leads on my own, but I was absolutely FLOORED when I found out that Teambeachbody actually gives it’s Coaches FREE LEADS for LIFE!!

What??? You Mean Team Beachbody actually gives me FREE LEADS and they Help Me BUILD MY BUSINESS??

Yep! That’s exactly what I’m saying!

So imagine, if you are a newbie, you still have a thriving chance to build a successful business from the FREE Teambeachbody Leads that you get from the corporate office, but if you are more proficient at internet marketing, Heck, You can also generate all the FREE Team Beachbody Leads that you WANT!!!

But first things first. Let Me show you a screenshot of my back office so you can see for yourself the Free Team Beachbody Leads I earn from corporate each and every week/month, and then I will go over how you qualify for them.

First thing you need to know is that there are 3 types of Leads that you can Earn for Free From Team Beachbody.

Free Teambeachbody Leads - Barbie Figueroa

Get More Free Teambeachbody Leads

  1.  The First Type of lead is a ‘Customer Lead’ – You Earn a Free Teambeachbody Customer Lead by meeting the following Qualifications.
  • First You MUST be a Qualified EMERALD COACH. Which means that you must have personally sponsored 2 Coaches (1 on your left and 1 on your right – we are a binary compensation plan so you have 2 legs of which to build your teambeachbody organization.
  • Second, you must have logged in atleast 8 workouts per month in the Wowy Supergym.
  • Third, you must have a completed profile in Teambeachbody, Plus your Photo on your profile in order to qualify and
  • Last, you must be a Paid Club Member. (Club Membership is $38.87 every 3 Months and is part of your health and fitness plan anyhow as you receive many awesome benefits from our Club including Printable Grocery Lists, VIP Celebrity Chats and More.
  • Also remember, you MUST be active and your Monthly Business fees ($15.95 per month) must be up to date.
2. The Second Type of Free Teambeachbody Lead you can Earn is Called a SUCCESS CLUB LEAD.
The success Club Lead is a Lead that you earn for free from Team Beachbody by qualifying for Success Club 5, Success Club 10 or More.  The Teambeachbody Success Club Lead is Awesome because this is a PAYING Shakeology Lead, which means that if you are QUALIFIED, you can Receive FREE Shakeology Leads from Beachbody placed in your back office worth $30 a Piece Per Month.  5 Shakeology Leads per month will easily add up to $150 Extra Residual Income for you for the life of that Customer’s Autoship, in otherwords, you will earn that residual income as long as that customer is still Active on their Shakeology Shipment. As you can see in the image below, these are orders placed by customers in my back office. Pretty Sweet!
I am Super Grateful for these Free Teambeachbody Customer Leads! No other Company out there does this! NOBODY!!!
Free Teambeachbody Leads

Free Teambeachbody Leads

3. The Third kind of Free Teambeachbody Lead is the ‘Hot Coach’ Lead.

The Hot Coach Lead is a Lead that has expressed interest in the Teambeachbody Business Opportunity!

Much like the Success Club Lead, you must earn success club 5 or Success Club 10 in order to get More Free customer Leads and specifically more HOT COACH LEADS but it is absolutely possible when you focus on hitting success club every month. You can see how awesome Beachbody is in helping their Coaches build their business.


So Is there Any other Way to Get More Free Teambeachbody Leads?

Ok So now that you know that once you qualify for Success Club or once you Hit Emerald Status, Teambeachbody will give you tons of Free Leads to help you build your business, you may be thinking, well how in the world do I generate enough FREE TEAMBEACHBODY LEADS to hit Emerald and Consistently Hit Success Club Every month to begin with?

Free Team Beachbody Hot Coach Leads

Free Team Beachbody Hot Coach Leads

Ah Grasshopper, that is an EXCELLENT Question =)

I’m gonna tell you right now that you can generate as MANY Free teambeachbody leads as you want as long as you roll up your sleeves and get to work.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to tell you a little secret that just may surprise you, and even EXCITE you if you are currently looking at the teambeachbody business opportunity…

The BEST Way to Generate Free Teambeachbody LEADS in order for you to Hit EMERALD and Qualify for Success Club every Month are to learn how to generate them yourself.

If you are on my blog right now, reading this blog post, then you can see how simple it can be to generate a free teambeachbody lead all by yourself. You obviously clicked on a link to get to this post, or found it on Google, all you need to learn is how to do this very thing yourself :)

By leveraging the internet and by implementing some Ninja Secret Traffic Generating Tactics, anyone who is willing and who is committed, can absolutely generate as many free teambeachbody leads as they want!

But instead of breaking my head like I did, for years, I have come up with an ‘easy button’ if you will, that will teach you how to generate as many leads and create as many checks on the internet as you want.

I’m doing it, and my Beachbody Coach Partner is doing it as well.

So Do you Want the FREE Teambeachbody Leads Generating Machine EASY BUTTON??

Fine! You’ve twisted my arm.


You will definitely want to watch the SHOCKING VIDEO on the 2nd page.

Between the Free Teambeachbody Leads that Beachbody Corporate will give you, and learning how to generate Hot targeted Leads yourself, you will soon become a Lean Mean Free Teambeachbody Leads Generating Machine in No Time!!

And if you are still not a Coach, but are now convinced that this is the right thing for you to do, especially knowing that you are now armed with the knowledge (and the Mentor <wink>) that will teach you how to generate as many free teambeachbody leads as you want, then click here to get started!