Coach Barbie Figueroa – 50 Lbs Lighter



Barbie Figueroa 53 lbs Lighter

I can Hardly Believe that I was the same girl in the first half of this video. I cannot even relate to that person anymore and it almost makes me Sad to see myself in that state of being.  But the most important thing to learn from this video is that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

I finally had the resolve to put my foot down, GET TO WORK, and change my life.  As you can see, no amount of money can be exchanged for the Price of having my Life Back. I’m so happy and grateful for the Support and the tools that have been available to me through Team Beachbody and my commitment is to help people who are Looking for LONG TERM Weightloss Success, Health, and Fitness and who want to live a healthy and fulfilling life… you can learn more about how to align with this Mission by clicking on the Pink Button below the video!







Just DECIDE To put your foot down and make that Change! It is SOOO WORTH IT!!



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