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Love Yourself Enough To Take Care of Yourself…

It’s not easy to admit that you’ve had issues all your life with Self Acceptance.
It’s even harder to admit that you’ve struggled with Low Self Esteem all your life…

And it’s even more challenging to say these things without sounding like […]

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Weightloss Help: Who Do You Need To Forgive to Lose Weight?

This is one of the most important blog posts I’ll have written to date.  The subject of weightloss goes far far deeper than just chanting positive affirmations and purchasing the next best contraption.
For those who are Seriously looking for a […]

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What Happened to Your ‘New Years Resolutions’ ?

I was looking for videos to inspire me  and I stumbled upon this Video by one of my Favorite Personal Development Speakers, Tony Robbins.  I love how he says Progress = Happiness.
Progress has an aliveness to it.
We feel ALIVE when […]

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Don’t Make This Beachbody Coaching Mistake!!

So We got into the Team Beachbody Coaching Opportunity because we want to help people transform their lives. It’s the Beachbody Motto and Carl Daikelers Vision. “To Help People live, healthy and fulfilling lives”…
But where do you draw the line […]

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Afraid To Ask For What You Want?

So have you ever just not asked someone something for fear that they were going to say no anyway? Is the overwhelming fear of rejection keeping you from building your beachbody business?
Afraid that everyone will say no?
Don’t Worry, You’re Not […]

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Are You Having Trouble Signing People Up?

 Are you having Trouble Signing People up into your Primary Program? Any Program for that matter? Then Watch This video and learn from the struggles that I have overcome to begin Attracting People into my Primary and other program. It’s […]

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My First 24 Hours in the 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge

So I decided I would partake of the 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge so that I
could push myself further than I have ever gone before.
Feeling like a Graduating student in my Senior Year of Highschool, it feels like I’ve been […]

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Have You Struggled with Seeing Yourself as a ‘Leader’?

Hi there Boys and Girls!
Today I have a special Blog Post to share with you.
It is one that, although it was difficult to admit to and share, I have a pretty good feeling that there are others struggling with this […]

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