Can You Eat Rice & Beans and Still Lose Weight? – Leandro Carvalho Brazil Buttlift Answers


Ok So there is No Secret that I’m a Latina Girl! Cuban to be Exact! I mean, just check out the Booty I have… Jennifer Lopez, Watch out! :)

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So when I was perusing the Message Boards back in the Team Beachbody Chat Area, This one particular headline & Chat Thread completely caught my eye:

It Asked:

“Can You Eat Rice and Beans and Still Lose Weight??”


To the Latin Community who is trying to lose weight and also get healthy and fit, this is a burning question because the staple of alot of Latin Cultures is Some form of Rice And Beans.

For Cubans it’s : White Rice and Black Beans (Arroz con frijoles)

For Puerto Rican’s: It’s Arroz con Gandules (Which is Rice with Pigeon Peas)

For Nicaraguans it’s Gallo Pinto: Which is basically A Mix of White Rice and Pinto Beans (and it’s freaking Awesome!)

But if you are trying to lose weight, isn’t eating Rice and Beans a big No No??

First here is MY Take on it:

As a Latina Girl on the quest for a hard body and more fat loss, I currently stay AWAY from Rice. I’ll have me some black beans or pinto beans when I feel like eating something of Substance if I don’t feel like eating Meat because Beans are a great source of Protein.

The Generous plates of Arroz con frijoles and Vaca Frita are no longer part of my Daily or Weekly Menu.

On a very special occasion I may have a tiny serving, but I’ve pretty much gotten use to not eating Rice and Beans on a regular basis.

However, Leandro Carvalho, Creator of Beachbody’s Super Popular Program, Brazil Butt lift, shares his Expert opinion on whether you ‘Can eat Rice & Beans and Still Lose Weight”

Click on the Image Below to see what Leandro Carvalho Brazil Butt lift Creator Has to Say About this Subject


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Basically, Just like everything else, it all comes down to moderation.

Personally, I would only reserve a bowl of Rice and Beans as a ‘Treat’ Meal once a week if you absolutely MUST have it while you are trying to lose weight.

Or you can substitute the White Rice which gets stored as sugar basically, with Brown Rice.

Personally, I hate Brown Rice, so what I will do, if I need a frijoles negros fix is just have a small cup of Black Beans all by themselves.

So there you have it.

Can You Eat Rice & Beans and Still Lose Weight?

Technically, YES!

But you MUST have it in moderation, (A little bit everyday is NOT what I consider Moderation) I’d say maybe once a week and I would account for it in my Treat Meal.

If you can palate Brown Rice, then make the necessary substitutions so that it doesn’t spike your blood sugar like plain white rice will.

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