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Team Beachbody Club Free Sign Up

Team Beachbody Club Free Sign Up


One of the Coolest Features about starting a Beachbody Workout Program or Beachbody Challenge Pack System, is the ability to gain access to a ton of FREE ‘Teambeachbody’ Tools that will help you Track your Progress, after all, how can you appreciate the Journey You’ve been through, if you do not track where you came from?

One of the MANY reasons I love the Beachbody Family of Products so much is that they are in TUNE with what people really need the most.

Yes, there are other workouts out there in the Mass Market.

Yes, there are other Supplements available to you…

But nothing, and I mean, nothing I’ve ever seen can replace the SUPPORT that an ACTIVE Community has to offer, and that is one of the most awesome things about partnering with Team Beachbody on your Personal Weightloss or Health and Fitness Journey.

At any given moment, you are just a few keywords away from finding someone who is in the exact same boat as you, and you can partner up with them and share your journey together, or better yet, join a Beachbody Challenge group and surround yourself by Multiple people from different parts of the country, with different levels of goals they are trying to achieve, to really bounce energy, encouragement and most important, ACCOUNTABILITY from.

Logging in Your Workouts in the WOWY SUPERGYM

Logging in your workouts into the Team Beachbody WOWY Supergym has numerous benefits.

Many of which include:

  • Keeping Yourself accountable to your workouts
  • Tracking Your Progress
  • Creating a habit of Success through Consistency
  • If you happen to plateau, you will Be able look back at your logged in workouts to identify patterns of success by being able to look back to see what you were doing on a specific day as far as eating, exercising and what particular program you happened to be doing at the time.
  • You automatically enter to win in our Daily Giveaways of Cash and Prizes (Just for logging in your Workouts!!!)
  • You get to Friend other Workout Buddies
  • Plan Virtual Workouts with your Challengers or Friends
  • See who else is working out at the same time you are
  • Check in to see if your Challengers are also working out
  • & So Much More!

What does the WOWY Super Gym Stand For Anyway?



Oh YES, just in case you were wondering what the ‘WOWY’ in WOWY Super Gym Stands for anyway… it’s an ACRONYM for





Without the Nasty Sweatiness or Stinkiness of going to an ‘actual’ gym and working out with a partner, WOWY allows you to schedule workouts and plan workouts with your virtual partners right over the internet =)

Ok So now that you got that straight, you can now see the BIGGER PICTURE of why choosing to go through your Weightloss – Health/Fitness Journey with Team Beachbody is so Awesome!

Because you get your FITNESS, NUTRITION & SUPPORT! All in one Bundled Package!!

Gotta Love it!

Ok but before you start logging in your workouts, you first need to set up a FREE WOWY Account! Just in case you were wondering, and even if you weren’t :), when you set up a FREE Teambeachbody Account, I will automatically be assigned as your OWN Personal Team Beachbody Coach.

That Means, that as long as you are a Beachbody Customer, I will be tied into your account and can assist you should you need any help.

You can even work one on one with me simply by joining one of my Beachbody Challenge Groups and not only will I be your personal coach throughout your weightloss journey, but I will also place you in one of my private facebook support groups so that you have more Direct Access to Me and Receive More ‘Special Attention’ as well.

 Are there Any Other Activities I can Track in the WOWY SUPERGYM??

Track jogging and swimming in Wowy Supergym

Track jogging and swimming in Wowy Supergym

Truth be told, you do not even have to be doing a Beachbody workout in order to take advantage of the Free Tools in the WOWY Super Gym.

If you simply want to login your JOG, Run, Swim, Stroll at the park or even wanna track how many times a week you walked your DOG, you can do it all in the WOWY SuperGym.

As long as you are up off the couch and MOVING in the Right Direction, You are more than welcome to Log it in for FREE in the Wowy Supergym.

How To Sign up for FREE to the Teambeachbody WOWY Super Gym

Signing up for your Wowy Super gym account is simple!

Just click on this ‘Wowy Supergym’ Link and you can sign up for a FREE Account at anytime.

You can also choose our Paid version, if you’d like, that will get you Insider Access to some of our VIP Chats with our Celebrity Trainers like Tony Horton or Chalene Johnson (just to name a few)

You will also Enjoy an additional 10% Discount off any Beachbody Products you purchase WHILE Logged into your Free Teambeachbody Account.

(To get the Savings, simply make sure you are LOGGED IN To your Account While you are making the purchase, otherwise you will miss the discount if you are not logged in!)

Ok So I took the liberty of creating a VIDEO Tutorial that will show you how to login your Workouts in the Wowy Supergym.


With the Wowy Supergym Tools, you can easily track your workouts and even choose your DEFAULT Workout, just like I demonstrated in the Tutorial Above!

Pretty Cool Right?

If you want to See a Step By Step Tutorial laid out for you, here is another Great Resource you can follow.

‘Step by Step Supergym Tutorial’

Whatever you do, Make sure that you are Tracking Your Progress!

You deserve to reward yourself for a Job Well Done and Logging in one more workout a day, will not only bring you closer to achieving your goals, but it will create MEASURABLE RESULTS that you can look back at and be proud of and heck, you may even win a few bucks or some cool prizes just for Logging in!

If you enjoyed this resource and feel it can help someone else, please pay it forward by leaving your comments below or clicking on the Social Media Like Buttons! And if you haven’t already, Sign up for my FREE 5 Day, Fitness Transformation Success Course!

See you in the Supergym!



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