Afraid To Ask For What You Want?

So have you ever just not asked someone something for fear that they were going to say no anyway? Is the overwhelming fear of rejection keeping you from building your beachbody business?

Afraid that everyone will say no?

Don’t Worry, You’re Not Alone!

Been there, Done that, working on myself too :)

These are self imposed and imagined fears and is only a reflection of the ‘garbage’ that is in our own heads.

I think we’ve all gone through this dilemma. In this video I share a story about how we create that own fear in our minds and we just need to ask for what we want…cuz they may just say yes!

And then Right Below is a great Video by Jack Canfield who is a reknowned Personal Development Author of the Best Selling Book Series ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ with a few great tips on Asking for what you Want!


Jack Canfield: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for What You Want

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